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Selected Features

✔ Powerful 3D Modeling
✔ User Configurable Quantities
✔ Fast Drawing Generation
✔ Blockify
✔ Highly Compatible
✔ PDF & Big TIFF Underlays
✔ Create Spaces & Zones
✔ High Performance
✔ BIM Project Browser
✔ Propagate 2D Details
✔ Type Plan Templates
✔ Quickdraw
✔ Visualize 3D Models
✔ Data Extraction
✔ Full LISP Support
✔ Parametric Blocks
✔ QuickBuilding
✔ RVT Import
✔ IFC 4.0 and BCF
✔ Auto-Complete BIM Data
✔ Auto-Classify Building Elements
Choose From A Variety Of BricsCAD Products

BricsCAD Products

2D Drafting

BricsCAD Lite
Leverage the modern 2D drafting tools and powerful multi-threading capabilities to design at a higher level of detail, faster and more accurately.
  • • Highly Compatible

  • • Full LISP Support

  • • Dynamic Blocks

  • • Drawing Explorer

  • • Cloud Collaboration

  • • And More

2D Drafting and 3D modeling

BricsCAD Pro
Generate complex 3D geometry using the latest innovations in Direct and Parametric Modeling, Point Cloud processing and visualization workflows.
  • • Powerful 3D Modelling

  • • Point Cloud Visualization

  • • Massive Catalogue of Additional Apps

  • • Rhino 3DM Import

  • • Powerful API

  • • And More

BIM and Digital Engineering

Discover an automatic end-to-end BIM workflow, powered by advancements in conceptual modeling, drawing customization and real-time rendering.
  • • Includes Pro and BIM Tools

  • • Revit Import

  • • Familiar Workflow

  • • Auto-Complete BIM Data

  • • Propagate Details

  • • And More

Mechanical Design Tools

BricsCAD Mechanical
Enable 3D modeling freedom for mechanical designers with the latest transformations in assembly design and manufacturing documentation.
  • • Parts & Assembly Design

  • • 3D parametrize and constraints

  • • Sheet Metal Design

  • • Automatically Unfold

  • • Automated Drawing Generation

  • • And More

All BricsCAD Editions In One

BricsCAD Ultimate
All powerful features from BricsCAD Lite, Pro, BIM and Mechanical combined into one affordable package, offering the power and flexibility you require.
  • • Includes Pro, Mechanical & BIM

  • • One Convenient Package

  • • Enables BIM & Mechanical Design

  • • Leveraging a Single Install

  • • A Single Activation Key

  • • And More

3D CAD Import and Export

Communicator for BricsCAD
Seamlessly import geometry and PMI data from all major CAD applications. Communicator runs on all editions of BricsCAD except for Shape and Lite.
  • • Separate Import / Export Module

  • • Adds Extra Import File Formats

  • • Adds Extra Export File Format

  • • On Its Own Release Cycle

  • • Launched As A Separate Process

  • • And More

Keep Licenses Up-To-Date

BricsCAD Maintenance
An optional yearly fee that keeps your perpetual BricsCAD product licenses up to date with all BricsCAD product releases, and more.
  • • Enjoy the Lowest Cost of Ownership

  • • Get Product Updates

  • • Get Major BricsCAD Releases

  • • Fast Priority Product Support

  • • Access to BricsCAD Cloud

  • • And More

Collaborate Effectively

Bricsys 24/7 CDE for AEC
Bricsys 24/7 is a cloud-based (SaaS) Common Data Environment (CDE) for your document management and workflow automation.
  • • View Project Files Easily

  • • Version History & Change Management

  • • Easily Manage Document Metadata

  • • Users & Roles

  • • Automate Document Workflows

  • • And More

3D Modeling for Free

BricsCAD Shape
Sculpt your ideas immediately in free-form solids. Start with 3D primitives, then push and pull faces and edges by simply moving your mouse.
  • • Powerful 3D Modeling

  • • Smart Architectural Tools

  • • Work Online or Offline

  • • Direct Command Access

  • • Manipulator

  • • And More

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The BricsCAD free trial gives you full access to BricsCAD Ultimate for 30 days. That means that all the features of BricsCAD Shape, Lite, Pro, BIM, and Mechanical are yours to use, free of charge. After thirty days, the trial expires and will continue to run as BricsCAD Shape, Bricsys free solid modeling product. Shape will run as as long as your PC and operating system support it.

Just contact us to get the best price, purchase a license, re-launch the trial product and enter your key in the License Manager. This will activate your trial as a commercial product with the correct license level. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall, ever.

BricsCAD Maintenance is the least expensive way to keep your BricsCAD perpetual licenses up to date. Being on Maintenance ensures that you always have the latest features and functionality. BricsCAD Maintenance customers get priority product support and all upgrades to – major and minor – for one low yearly fee.

If for any reason you do not renew your Maintenance contract at the end of the period, your current BricsCAD version will continue to run for as long as your PC and/or operating system supports it. If you decide that you want to upgrade licenses that are not on Maintenance, just contact us to check out your upgrade options.

Just contact us and we will tell you more about your upgrade options and what you own today – getting you the best price.

A network license allows many users on the same TCP/IP network to access a shared pool of BricsCAD licenses. BricsCAD uses the Reprise NLM (Network License Manager), which you install on a central server on your premises. The network license manager controls the distribution of the license pool. Network licensing is available at an additional cost per license. Also, Bricsys requires that a network licensed product is kept on BricsCAD Maintenance. Just contact us and we can give you more information on network license pricing.

A volume license is a single license key that is authorized to be used across a number of independent computers. Volume licenses are designed to assist CAD and IT administrators deploy BricsCAD to large numbers of computers that may or may not be on the same network. If you are interested in volume licensing, please contact us to get the best price.

BricsCAD is sold in over 80 countries. Product pricing, availability, and promotional considerations are specific to countries and/or regions. Your BricsCAD license is usable anywhere across the globe. Bricsys asks that you respect this entitlement by purchasing your BricsCAD licenses in the country or region of the planned primary use. Thank you!

No, license keys work for BricsCAD in all language versions and for any supported operating system (Windows, macOS or Linux).

Yes, if you own a single-user BricsCAD license, you can install it on two machines (e.g. Your desktop PC at work and on your laptop computer at home). Please note, this dual-install option does not apply to Volume or Network licenses without express permission from Bricsys NV.

A BricsCAD license provides lifetime access to the BricsCAD software without monthly or yearly fees. The product activation key authorizes its owner to use a specific version of BricsCAD for as long as their PC and/or operating system supports it.

Students, instructors, and schools can request a one-year BricsCAD Ultimate license(s) for no charge. Students can renew their free licenses for as long as they are enrolled in an accredited academic program. Just visit for more information.

At BlackSpline, we accept payments by EFT, all major credit cards and direct debit.

We also work with Procuret to provide customers with easy payment plans based on your choices. If you wish to utilise a Procuret payment plan, please do not order from our e-store, but instead contact us directly and we can issue a quote and  invoice accordingly.

Please keep in mind that credit card and direct debit payments may attract a surcharge.

Bricsys offers you a 30-day free trial of 24/7 so that you can try it in your own real-world environment. If you wish to continue using the service at the end of your trial, you will need to contact us to subscribe.

Your Bricsys 24/7 contract is valid for one (1) year. It will be automatically renewed each year. You will need to contact us if you wish to cancel your Bricsys 24/7 subscription.

With Bricsys 24/7, you can create unlimited projects and add unlimited users. Your contract tier is based on total available storage. Bricsys 24/7 does not limit your freedom to choose how you organize your projects.

Just contact us and we will help you upgrade your account.

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